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Sunday, December 11, 2011

December 10th: Guangzhou!

December 10th: Guangzhou!
Did I mention how much I love this hotel?

It is so beautiful and clean with a Starbucks and grocery store on the first floor.  Mark brought me a latte early this morning before the girls woke up which was so nice.  The shower is so huge and has multiple jets- now I understand why people love those so much.
We were finally able to get Lexi in the shower (with me of course).  So far we have had to sponge bathe her because she was so afraid of the bathroom.  She loved the large shower though.   I don't know what I am going to do with another girl who likes the finer things in life.

This morning we had to drive over to Shamian Island so the children could undergo their medical evaluations.
All adopted children need to do this before the US consulate will issue a Visa for them to enter the US.  There is only one clinic.  There were many other families there as well from other adoption agencies- it was completely chaotic. You have to bring your child to 3 different stations and then if they are over 2 years old, they must get a TB test.  I was totally prepared for a meltdown, as the doctors are poking & prodding,
etc.  Much to my surprise, Lexi did great!= She was more facinated by everything. She weighs about 30 pounds- wow.  One of the Doctors was asking about her hearing loss, and after squeaking a toy in her ear she decided that Lexi could hear some with her left hear.  However, she wanted another Doctor to specifically examine her hearing, so we followed them into another room.   A women stood in front of Lexi
with a squeaky toy and moved it behind her ear and squeezed it, then repeated this several times on each ear.  Of course Lexi is watching them doing this and following it all with her eyes.  We were thinking- really?
Very scientific.  When it came time for the shot, Lexi squirmed for a second, but really just watched closely- she is so inquisitive & watches everything.  I am so happy to have that exam behind us. 
After we finished, we decided to walk around the island.   It was a beautiful day, and this is where we stayed for almost 3 weeks when we came to China to adopt Mia.   Although the rooms at the White Swan Hotel are closed for renovations, the main level is open.  We went in and showed Mia where we stayed with her when we were here 5 years ago this month.  The hotel is so pretty and I am so happy we were able to take pictures.  We ate lunch at Lucy's for old times sake, then did some shopping. There were so many brides & grooms doing photo sessions throughout the gardens on the Island.  I must say that Guangzhou seems much cleaner and less hazy than it was 5 years ago. 

A little more on Lexi: she has the longest eyelashes I have ever seen, she giggles alot, and she frequently snorts when she laughs, which cracks all of us up.  Lexi also loves having something in her hair.  If she reaches up and her bow is missing, she will come up to me and point to her head until I put one in.  At first I thought that the hair extension barrette she came to us wearing would get *lost* somehow, but I decided to keep it (hide it from her), so she can have it later.  
 Lexi has repeated the following signs: water, eat, cereal, sleep, no, beautiful and a few others, and she definitely understands water, eat, sleep,
& no if I sign them.

Lexi seems to be attaching very well- very similar to the way Mia did, and I am so grateful.  Lexi is also playing alot more with Mia now, which is so cute to see. One family in our travel group has a new son who is having a difficult time- please keep him in your prayers.


  1. I found your blog from awhile ago!!

    We have loved spending time with you and your family while in China!

    Your daughters are beautiful and your hubby cracks us up!! Bobby is about the nicest 18 yr old I've ever met AND that's including my own son!

    Blessings to your family!!
    Jean and the gang!

  2. Thanks again for sharing - awesome - safe travels!

  3. I love the picture of Mia an Lexi together. Beautiful. Those medical exams are so funny. I'm so happy that Lexi is allowing a little bit more Mia time.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip. I hope you have easy flights home.