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Saturday, December 10, 2011

December 9: Heading to Guangzhou!

Today was pretty much a hurry up & wait kind of a day that ended up being one of the longest days ever- and not in a good way.
Lexi started the day having a melt down because she didn't want to change out of her pajamas. She is very sweet and very stubborn. Tracey- I know you are laughing right now :) We left for the airport around 3:00 for a 6:00 flight. It is no easy feat getting 10 families and 12 newly adopted kids through security. Lexi was fascinated by the pat-downs. Thank goodness that there was a kids playground right next to our gate. Lexi let Mia sit behind her as they went down the slide and I think it really helped Lexi feel more comfortable around Mia.  Mia is also really enjoying hanging out with some of the older girls that are here with their families. One girl is 11 years old and she was adopted from China 3 years ago.  She is so sweet to Mia. Her parents are adopting their 7th & 8th child from China during this trip- amazing!
We then shoved some noodles down the girls' throats only to find out that our flight was delayed. Lexi was wound up after the playtime so by the time we boarded 1 1/2 hours late I was completely exhausted.  The flight was totally full with the most cramped seats I have ever seen.  I could barely cross my legs and I am short! Lexi and I were in our own row, with a gentleman sitting in the aisle seat.  Lexi did not like the seatbelt but she was distracted pretty easily.  Mia slept, Lexi never did.  She never cried but she tends to squeal, which is a lot of fun ;) The gentleman next to us proceeded to get ill during the flight so I couldn't get off that plane fast enough. By the time we got to the hotel in Guangzhou it was after midnight. Lexi had fallen asleep during the drive to the hotel and when she woke up as we exited the bus she was so upset.  I can't imagine how confusing this all must be for her.  She did let me comfort her after a little while.
This day did have a happy ending- the China Marriott is absolutely beautiful! It made the tough journey worthwhile, and I am so glad that we are finishing the trip here.

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  1. I only laugh because I can completely understand! Oh what a pair she and Alli will make. We thought we were in trouble with Caroline and Mia, but the younger two may take the cake! Can't wait to find out!