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Thursday, December 8, 2011

December 8th: Shaolin Temple

December 8th: Shaolin Temple

Today we visited the Shaolin Temple.  I was worried about how Lexi would handle the 2 hour drive, but she slept most of the way there and most of the way back.  I should have been worried about the millions of steps that were there!  Wow, I feel like I can get through anything now after the day of touring we had.  It also turned out to be much colder than predicted, but I am glad that we went and saw some of the province where Lexi is from. 
We walked the grounds of the Temple, then through the Pagoda forest where the masoleums for the Monks stood.  After lunch we watched a live Kung Fu show.  Apparently Zhengzhou is the birthplace of Kung Fu, and there are several schools surrounding the Temple.  The show was good, and they even pulled some people from the audience to attempt to learn the movements, which was hilarious!

A few more thing we are learning about Lexi: she loves vegetables!    She is a good eater and she also seems to know when she is full.  She is still in LOVE with her shoes- as soon as she wakes up in the morning she has to put her shoes on.  Then she grabs her purse and wants to go. She knows how to apply chapstick and hand sanitizer. She puts everything in its place.   No melt-downs today  :)
She is warming up to Mark, Mia & Bobby alot more today.
We are all looking forward to Guangzhou- warmer weather, more dining options, and a park right next door to the hotel.  We fly there tomorrow afternoon.


  1. I'm thrilled that things are going so well! Less than a week to go. Can't wait for you to come home so we can meet Lexi! We miss you all!!

  2. Congratulations! As you know, I was lucky enough to meet Lexi last summer at her orphanage and the easy transition does not surprise me. She is a doll.

    Ron Darling