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Saturday, December 17, 2011

December 13th: Consulate Appointment

This morning we went to the US consulate to take our oath.  Lexi's Visa to enter the US will be delivered to our hotel tomorrow.  When we arrive back in the States, Lexi will officially become a US citizen!
Back at the hotel, we took some family and group pictures on the center staircase.  Lexi just climbed right up and sat next to Mia  :)
This afternoon we took a cab over to Shamian Island to do a little more shopping.  I got Lexi a pair of pink sandals, which she loves of course.
Lexi is giving all of us kisses now, and she is posing for pics!  Too cute.

Some members of our travel group have started heading home.  We had a really a fantastic travel group, as well as great guides.  Although I am ready to head home, the trip seemed to go by very fast.  Taking Lexi from her home country is bittersweet, but I do hope that wherever her birth parents are, in their hearts they know that she is being taken care of.

Tomorrow afternoon we have a private driver taking us to Hong Kong- I am very thankful that our guides were able to arrange this.  We will avoid customs at the airport and arrive much earlier. 
This will probably be my last post until we arrive home, so please pray for us as we will have a 14 1/2 hour daytime flight with an active 2 year old.  Good times.

Zai Jian China!

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  1. Great narrative, great photos; yes we wish you luck on the long flight home - tough enough for adults..almost impossible for little girls! See you soon and Merry Christmas to you all.