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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December 6th: It's Official!

Today we officially became Lexi's parents! She went to sleep last night very easily, but of course she acted like she has never seen a crib.  Lexi and Mia laid in the bed while I slept horizontally at the foot of the bed.  The bed is so wide it worked out perfectly.  We all slept through the night.  When Lexi woke up in the morning she smiled and gave Mark and I a kiss.  So sweet. 
First, we went down to the Registry office to take a photo and sign paperwork.  A couple of the nannies from Lexi's orphanage were there which I wasn't expecting, but Lexi seemed ok about it and didn't cry.  We then went to the Notary office to take another photo and complete the adoption.  I had to carry Lexi up 6 flights of stairs- she is heavy, probably around 30 pounds.  We weren't interviewed like we were with Mia.  It was there where Lexi had her first official meltdown, and boy is she strong!  I am not sure if it is because she is teething or she was tired or if she was just pissed off.  After she let it out she was all smiles again. 
We took it easy in the afternoon and it's a good thing because Lexi also had her first blow-out.  Poor thing- I am sure the stress is overwhelming.  She is so funny- she points to her bottom when she is about to go, but she was very afraid of the western style toilets.  We lay a towel on the carpet to change her.  She waits until she is finished, helps me lay down the towel, then lays down and throws her legs up in the air.  Too funny.
Lexi is also very neat.  If one piece of food lands on her or her sock is falling off, she has to fix it. She  places her toys in one corner of the room and brings us our shoes.  She also LOVES the boots I brought for her.  I got very lucky on bringing the right size, and she wants them on as soon as she wakes up.
Lexi has repeated the signs for water and sleep, and she seems to be a quick learner, but she definitely is a two year old!  She understands the meaning of no, but she sure doesn't always like it.  She is only letting me hold her right now, and she lets me comfort her when she is upset.  Our guide told us that toddlers have the most difficult time adjusting because they just can't understand what is happening to them.  We feel that she is doing really well.


  1. Enjoyed reading your update and glad all is well - we can learn a lot from the little ones!

  2. The photos are terrific, the sisters look adorable in their matching outfits. Glad the paperwork went OK!

  3. Lexi looks very happy. The four of you make a beautiful Family. Did Lexi want her "Hair Piece" put on today or did she do okay without it? Terrible Two's? Mia looks so happy with her little sister. Looking forward to your next post.