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Monday, December 12, 2011

December 11: The Safari Park in Guangzhou

December 11: The Safari Park in Guangzhou

Today about half of our travel group went to the Safari Park.  This is something that we have heard great things about and really wanted to see.  It was excellent.  By far one of the best animal parks I have ever been to. It was also a beautiful day.  We were able to rent a stroller at the entrance and Lexi loved it! I have been happy to carry her around to help with bonding, but with so much walking ahead of us, my back & neck were very relieved.
We started the day on a safari ride,  think Lion Country Safari but 100 times better.  This park is very clean and lush with plants and trees.  They had so many animals and they were awake  & active! The girls were so excited.  Lexi really seems to like animals.
Afterwards we walked through the exhibits and saw so many interesting animals up close:  giant pandas, Pygmy hippos, red pandas, koala bears and kangaroos.  The girls got to feed the giraffes which was a highlight for Mia.  We also saw a show with Bali style dancers where a chimpanzee was dressed up like a Panda bear- quite funny.
We had a great time. 
I have to say that Bobby is being such a good sport. Today he had 4 young girls sitting in the back with him ages 5-11 talking & giggling non-stop an he didn't seem to mind at all. :)

A couple of funny tidbits: we are often stopped by locals asking to take a picture of us or take a picture with them- I guess it's the blonde hair-? Many of the young men gere seem to have the "Justin Bieber" haircut.  Also,  Bobby seems to attract the attention of a lot of young Chinese girls- last night it was at the grocery store where the girl at the counter was explaining all sorts of things to him about Chinese money. Oh boy.

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