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Thursday, December 8, 2011

December 7th: Bottle-sucking goldfish?

December 7th: Bottle-sucking goldfish?

Today we visited the Zhengzhou Aquarium.  I have to say it was quite nice, and a perfect place to take alot of kids.  They had a Koi pond and allowed people to feed them- using baby bottles! The fish practically jumped out of the water to get to the bottles. 
I was able to carry Lexi in the hip-hammock, because boy is she heavy!  She took a nap while we were there, so I am glad that she seems to sleep anywhere.  The funny thing is, when you lay her down to sleep, she puts a finger in her mouth and goes right down, so that is a blessing.  We are all sleeping through the night.
Lexi seems to be attaching really well to me, so I am very thankful.  However, I had forgotten what it is like to have a shadow at all times, even when I am showering.  The only downside has been that although Lexi plays with Mia, she won't let Mia hug her, which of course she is desperate to do.  This has been very difficult for Mia, but I keep telling her to be patient and Lexi will get more and more comfortable.  Lexi did let Mark hold her for a few minutes today, so we are making progress.
We are all happy & healthy.....enjoy the photos.  My nephew Bobby is taking all of the photos during this trip & we appreciate that so much.


  1. Thanks for sharing - have enjoyed following your wonderful story!

  2. The pictures with the hat, adorable.

    Feeding fish with baby bottles, now I've heard everything. What were you feeding them?